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  • Restoration Village Farm

    Jamaica-Portland-Port Antonio-Lots 195 & 197, Tom’s Hope

    A christian based charitable farm based on 36 acres of lush mountainous farmland located in beautiful Portland Parish a few miles south of Port Antonio on the northeastern coast of Jamaica. The working farm concentrates on eco friendly activities , w...

  • Reach Falls

    Jamaica-Portland-Port Antonio-East of Port Antonio, Port Antonio

    Reach Falls is located approximately 45 minutes east of Port Antonio, Portland. The 4.6 hectare property boasts tremendous natural beauty, a peaceful atmosphere, an engaging waterfall, significant biodiversity and is an ecological sanctuary. Reach Fa...

  • Rastafari Indigenous Village

    Jamaica-Saint James-Montego Bay-Montego River Gardens, Porto Bello, Montego Bay

    The Rastafari Indigeneous Village is a space that will showcase the life, skills and experiences of our people. Visitors can take a tour of the village to learn about the ways of Rastafari, participate in organic farming, learn to make traditional cr...

  • Princess Nina Aga Khan Island

    Jamaica-Portland-Port Antonio-off the coast of Port Antonio

    Otherwise known as Pelou or Pellew Island, this small island sits in view of the villas of the Jamaican Riviera of Port Antonio and San San Beach. Often mistakenly called Monkey Island as the real Monkey Island is closer to Folly Ruins. The island wa...

  • Port Royal

    Jamaica-Saint Andrew-Kingston-Church Street, Port Royal

    During the late 17th century, Boston, Massachusetts, and Port Royal, Jamaica, were the two largest English towns in the Americas. Port Royal is a coastal town located in Jamaica. As the one of the largest cities in 17th and 18th c...

  • Nonsuch Caves

    Jamaica-Portland-Port Antonio-Athenry Gardens, Port Antonio

    Nonsuch cave system of nine separate chambers of stalagmites and stalactites. Bats occupy these caves hanging from the 13 m. high ceiling in the Gothic-Scale Cathedral chamber. It is said that some stalagmite formations resemble the forms of a pope,...

  • Nine Mile (Bob Marley Mausoleum)

    Jamaica-Saint Ann-Nine Mile-Nine Mile, between Claremont and Alexandria

    Nine Mile is a 'must misit' spot for all Bob Marley fans. His birthplace and also final resting place, this attraction is at the centre of the small rural community of Nine Mile, making it a great way to spend the day immersing yourself in al...

  • Negril Lighthouse

    Jamaica-Westmoreland-Negril-West End Road, Negril,

    This Lighthouse is situated at south Negril Point which is at the extreme western end of the Island. The concrete Tower which is painted white, stands 66 feet above ground level and the light is elevated 100 feet above sea level. The Lighthouse has a...

  • National Heroes Park

    Jamaica-Saint Andrew-Kingston-National Heroes Circle, Kingston

  • Montego Bay Marine Park

    Jamaica-Saint James-Montego Bay-Pier One Complex, Howard Cooke Boulevard, Montego Bay

    The Montego Bay Marine Park is a vast area of protected sea water surrounding the entire length of Montego Bay (from the Donald Sangster International Airport to the Great River). The park includes the waters of Doctor's Cave Beach, Aquasol Beach, Co...