72 Hours in Negril

72 Hours in Negril

Spending 72 hours in Negril can consist of activities from sun up ‘til sundown or, well, doing absolutely nothing at all. It’s a sleepy little beach town dotted with grand luxury resorts and quaint little cottages along its famous 7 mile beach. The vibe during the day is very chill, but at night there’s always a hot spot to hit to dance or just listen to some really good live music. Over on the West End, adventure looms and memories are made. Have only a weekend to spare? Pull up a chair for your whirlwind Negril adventure.

Let’s start out easy with breakfast followed by a walk around the Negril Lighthouse to stretch those legs. The panoramic views from the top of the lighthouse layout Negril’s most famous scenes at a bird’s eye views. You’ll be able to see the best spots on the cliff from here and the caretaker will give you a little history of the place.

Head out to the Blue Hole Mineral Springs for a dip underground in the refreshing mineral waters in the cavernous limestone terrain of the Negril hills. The mineral waters here is said to have healing properties and will help you with any skin ailments with which you may be suffering form. While you’re there, enjoy some delicious jerk chicken hot off the grill while chatting with the owners who moved to Jamaica, after falling in love with Negril’s beauty and charm. Grab a cold Red Stripe as you make the way to the beach!

In Negril, live reggae music on the beach isn’t hard to find and sunset is the best time to be out on the coast. The unobstructed views of the vast oranges and pinks spraying the sky will add a magical romantic flair to your warm beach stroll. Stop at one of the many restaurants lining the beach to enjoy the fresh catch of the day for dinner.

Spend your morning sailing the seas. Catamaran cruises give scenic tours of Booby Cay which is just off the Negril shores and serve up excellent beach picnics and snorkeling adventures. Sip on rum punch aboard a booze cruise to kick your Negril Weekend into party overdrive. Keep the water adventure going with a dolphin swim at Dolphin Cove or an exhilarating slide down the tubes at Kool Runnings Water Park. The park also offers bumper cars, paint-balling and more rides for all day family fun.

When you’re done, take a stroll through Times Square Plaza to grab yourself some Jamaican souvenirs or head to the craft market for beautifully crafted artisan pieces. Feeling for Italian? Head to Ciao Jamaica on Negril’s West End for Italian-inspired cuisine made from farm fresh Jamaican ingredients by celebrated chefs. They deliver to your hotel or dine in with them while enjoying that famous sunset view. Then head to the Firefly Bar to keep the party going all night long with thumping reggae music and tropical drinks on readily available.

Sundays are beach days in the islands and you’re already on one of Jamaica’s most famous. Spend the day walking the 7 miles and interacting with the singing Rastas, the craftsmen, the fishermen and the locals while swimming in crystal clear waters or soaking up the rays on the powdery white sands.

Finish your weekend in Negril ticking off your bucketlist must-do at Rick’s Cafe watching brave divers perform dangerous tumbles as they plunge into the deep turquoise waters below from various precarious points above. Rick’s offers a laid-back yet electrified experience that’s a must for anyone visiting Negril. Enjoy the people watching, the food, the vibe and if you’re up for it, take a dive yourself! What a way to wrap up your Negril adventure!