5 Ways to Have a Mind-Blowing Day of Adventure at Chukka

5 Ways to Have a Mind-Blowing Day of Adventure at Chukka

While it may be true that most people want to lie on a beach napping in the sun for the majority of their vacation, for those who want to be more active, taking part in one of the many excursions offered by Chukka Adventures at Good Hope in Trelawny is a great way to get out and see more of the island in all its natural glory.

Offering a variety of both fast paced and slower moving activities to choose from, guests are guaranteed there is something there for every age and interest. Adrenalin junkies will get a kick out of ploughing through churning mud in an all-terrain ATV or dune buggy, flying through a dense tropical jungle, sliding down a 300 feet of a continuous open air waterslide or jumping off a 50ft waterfall into cool waters below at the new Aquapark. Those on the other hand who want a “gentler” experience will enjoy walking through the aviary filled with the colourful birds of the Caribbean, inner tubing down stream or taking a historical tour of the Great House. No matter what you choose, it’s all there for your enjoyment.

Your biggest challenge - what to do first and trying to do it all!

Flying Through The Trees
The zip line course at Chukka is one of the most adventure filled and exciting attractions for thrill seekers. With a course consisting of 5 different lines, guests will enjoy panoramic vistas of the river and 'ugli fruit' fields as you zip along above the earth in the harness. It's a thrill-seekers ride for sure. Make sure to follow the safety guidelines, listen to what your guides say and then have fun flying through the lush tropical foliage - make sure to wave at onlookers below! This attraction is not for the faint of heart though; while the experience is definitely exciting and sure to get the heart racing, some may not quite be up to it and should explore some of Chukka's other fun activities that keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Welcome To The Jungle Bar
After gliding down zip lines or kayaking down the Martha Brae you may feel parched and peckish. With many hungry guests wanting a warm, hearty meal, and a drink to quench their thirst, a walk down to the Jungle Bar will satisfy your cravings. Offering a Jamaican culinary staple, spicy jerk chicken, served with fried festival and steamed callaloo on the side, food from this chill spot will fill you up, and give you the energy you need to make the most of the rest of your day. Don't forget to stop by the bar to get a drink, or two, or three, and choose from many local favourites from Red Stripe to Rum Punch to complement your delicious lunch.


Chill Out on the Martha Brae River
The best way to feel refreshed after a day of walking around under the hot Jamaican sun is to go for a dip in the Martha Brae. Luckily, you can join other guests tubing down the river, or, if you are up for something more active, try kayaking down the river. You can experience the Martha Brae in two distinctive ways: the tubing experience is super chill, simultaneously relaxing and exciting - because the rapids are fun and fast. If you are looking to get your workout in, then kayaking is the way to go. This is a great way to burn off some of those excess vacation calories while exploring the beauty of our island. Whichever Martha Brae experience you choose, one thing is for sure, the tour guides are full of energy, well informed and super friendly.This is true Jamaican hospitality, and will surely make your experience an unforgettable one. 

Flock to the Bird Aviary
If zip lining isn't your thing, or if you didn't bring your suit to go for a dip in the Martha Brae River, the Bird Aviary is a great way to get to know another stunning aspect of Jamaica through these beautiful ambassadors of the natural wildlife of the Caribbean. Chukka's 900 square foot bird aviary is a cool experience for kids and adults alike. The novel experience of being able to feed, touch and play with the birds makes it super fun for the entire family. Beware, these friendly (or hungry) little creatures have a tendency to land on your head, so don't be surprised if you have an exotic visitor stop in to say hey... or better yet ˜wha' gwan?"

Explore Colonial History at Good Hope Great House
For history buffs and lovers of all things cultural , experiencing an authentic retelling of Jamaica's past through the history of Good Hope Estate is a must. Learning about Jamaican sugar plantation society's role in the nation's history is an essential aspect in understanding the evolution of the culture of our island home. In the 18th Century, the owner of Good Hope Estate at the time, John Tharpe, was the largest land and slave owner in Jamaica whose property reflected his unique approach as a colonialist with a small hospital and even a school. Revisiting the past as you stroll through the grounds of this historical location is not only informative and educational, but it is also spectacularly beautiful. Nestled in the cockpit country, Jamaica's lush tropical landscape surrounds you at every turn. The sunset views from the great house are particularly grand, not to mention the spectacular architecture. If you are interested in colonial times or simply in the mood for something more mellow, then this experience is not to be missed.

Check to see if there are any requirements before booking a tour for age, health, height or skill level. No matter what, Chukka is bound to have something for almost anyone from toddlers to the simply young at heart, making this the perfect choice to fill at least one vacation day with thrills galore.