A Great Team Can Conquer Mountains: Take Team Building to New Heights at Mystic Mountain

A Great Team Can Conquer Mountains:  Take Team Building to New Heights at Mystic Mountain

There is no greater bonding experience than a day filled with laughter and shared memories. At Mystic Mountain, everyone who glides up to the top of the mountain on the Sky Explorer chair lift enters a world of fun, great food, learning and great stories to tell for a long time afterwards. Now, imagine offering this amazing experience to your team as a way to bring them closer together.

Team building has been proven time and again to increase employee satisfaction at work. Oftentimes, by creating shared memories and giving team members a chance to interact in new fun ways, the result translates back into the workplace. These days out together allow staff to bond in unique ways, discover themselves in new roles and show each other in a new light.

Mystic Mountain is filled with activities for all interest levels such as the Sky Explorer chair lift gliding smoothly up to the peak at 700 feet with breathtaking views of the town of Ocho Rios, the harbor below and the coastline stretching as far as the eye can see and the pavilion with interesting displays on the history and culture of Jamaica, even the world famous Jamaican Appleton Estate Rum.

For those wanting a bit more of an adrenaline rush, the famous Bobsled ride awaits where visitors can rocket down the mountain, starting with a stunning view of the bay below before you zoom through the lush jungle squealing with joy going solo or in tandem. Ziplining and flying from tree to tree is a fun way to unleash their inner Tarzan and Jane while a curving waterslide takes guests from the top of the tower into a crystal-clear pool with an infinity edge to enjoy the view of the bay below.

With all this and more your team is guaranteed to find something that’s exactly their speed even if it’s just browsing in the gift shop for a cool souvenir! To get the most out of your team visiting however, the Mystic Mountain team wants to make sure the day yields results. Every team has different needs and certain reasons for having a day of team bonding. Perhaps it is a retreat to discuss and explore certain topics including what being a team member means, with an afternoon of fun to help cement this idea.

For that there are dedicated air-conditioned spaces with unlimited Wi-Fi, high definition TV screens and projectors to help these discussions along. Perhaps you would like to have the team explore exchanging roles, spark their imagination or perhaps simply have a focused activity to see how they pull together, which is why Mystic Mountain offers dedicated corporate event facilitators who will work with companies to design activities that will target specific needs like with indoor team projects and outdoor tug of war.

And, of course, there is no better bonding experience than breaking bread together. Food brings everyone together, especially in Jamaica, where dining is at the heart of many great memories. Mystic Mountain Dining not only has a delicious curated menu at their restaurant with its spectacular views, but also offers a unique dining experience for special groups. Several courses are offered to help fuel the day from hot soup to other major entrees of Jamaican and Continental cuisine. Coffee and tea breaks along with delicious pastries also help keep energy levels up to make the most of every moment of the day.

For the group’s enjoyment a dedicated entertainment facilitator will make sure the merriment doesn’t stop. Musical performances and a DJ as well as fun games and activities add further enjoyment to your dining experience, ensuring the meal is another highlight of the day, although the taste alone is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

The Mystic Mountain Team feel that every day they head into work it is about meeting up with friends, catching up on what happened while they were apart and building new fun memories together that day as well. It is this spirit of camaraderie that they wish to share with others and what inspired them to start inviting other companies and organizations to experience the same feeling. Aside from team building the same facilities and activities can be used for corporate retreats and dinners as well as special events and awards, not to mention employee reward and incentive programs. After all, what better way to say thank you for a job well done and show appreciation for hard work than to gift a team member with a day filled with joy.

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