A Tour of Falmouth

A Tour of Falmouth

Get to know this small town with the big reputation by taking a tour of Falmouth and its unique attractions and experiences; from the birthplace of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, to one of the few naturally luminescent waters in the world.

Silver Sands Villas
Just 10 minutes away from Falmouth, a variety of cottages and villas embrace a private beach known as Silver Sands. For years this mini-community has seen guests return again and again to visit this beautiful bay with a small club house, children’s playground, restaurant and added draws like turtle hatchings and access to many close by tours and attractions.
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Glistening Waters Nighttime Boat Trip
Swimming in what’s also known as ‘Luminous Lagoon’ on a starry night, is a surreal experience. The mixed waters of the sea and Martha Brae river change from warm to cold, and fish seem to glow as they dart past you in the clouds of bioluminescent microorganisms that seem green or blue when disturbed.
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Burwood Beach
Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of the country’s most beautiful stretches of white sand beach. This public beach is available for all to use for a minimal entry fee for non-locals, and will be kept that way to ensure that tourists as well as locals get to enjoy this natural wonder of Jamaica.

Get Here: Grab a taxi at the Port of Falmouth and ask to be taken to Burwood beach. In less than 15 minutes you can find yourself enjoying a stunning Jamaican white sand beach.

Rafting on the Martha Brae
Journey for three miles along one of the most famous rivers of the ‘land of wood and water” on a thirty-foot long bamboo raft. Drift along with that special someone, and get caught up in the romance, while you hear about the native witch who tricked Spanish Conquistadors and the creation of the Legend of the Martha Brae.
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Falmouth Heritage & Culinary Tour
For the thousands of cruise ship passengers who disembark in Falmouth, this Caribbean stopover is a step back in time, and the Historic Falmouth Walking Tour of the Georgian sleepy town is an experience not to be missed. Partnered with the Culinary Tour, it truly is a taste of Jamaica you won’t quickly forget.
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Good Hope Estate – Chukka
Take in the view of former plantation life in the 1700s at Good Hope Estate’s Great House. Sip high tea and experience the modern day offerings of this stunning property, from playtime for the whole family to experiencing Jamaica’s world famous Appleton Estate rum.
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