A Tour of Negril

A Tour of Negril

The capital of casual, a tour of Negril will introduce you to your more relaxed, fun and carefree side. A day frolicking or lazing on the beach and cool waterpark rides to sipping drinks while listening to reggae as the sun sets on the horizon, will definitely mean you’ve tapped into the vibe of this beachside town.

Rick’s Cafe It was one of the first attractions that drew visitors away from the 7-mile beach to the cliff side of Negril. This bar grew from the small, sleepy spot to watch a spectacular sunset in 1974, to a vibrant exciting party spot where people somersault or jump off cliffs before partying to live music into the night. After watching the spectacular sunset of course.
Tel: (876) 957-0380

Kool Runnings Adventure ParkIn the laid back every day that is the Negril vibe, sometimes the kids need a little adrenaline rush, even the grown up ones. If you aren’t staying at a family all-inclusive resort, this adventure park is a great way to fill your day with laughter and fun for the entire family at the end of the day.
Tel: (876) 957-5400

Rock House Hotel & Restaurant
Rock House is luxury disguised in rusticity. For those who aren’t guests at this cliffside hotel of secluded bungalows, experiencing a delicious romantic dinner of Jamaican cuisine while you gaze at each other and the crystal clear waters lit up below, is the next best thing.
Tel: (876) 618-1533 / (876) 957-4373

Bloody Bay Beach
Negril is famous for its 7-mile beach (which is only 4 miles long!), known in days gone by as the ultimate laid back beach destination. Nowadays, although the water is as beautiful as ever, and the sweet smell of Jamaican ganja still drifts in the air, if you’re looking for something a little less crowded, head to Bloody Bay and hang with the locals instead.

Get here: Bloody Bay can be found just off Norman Manley Boulevard near the Negril Aerodome. Turn onto the side road at Breezes Grand Resort and Spa, and follow it right to the sand.

Negril Light House
West End
The Negril Lighthouse is a true landmark and has stood watch over the sall town through it's continual growth, with small ruins and buildings dotted around it, this remains another favourite spot to visit to take in the famous Negril sunsets.

Get Here: Head along the cliffs along the West End road, pass Rick's Cafe and continue on. The Lighthouse will appear on your right on the cliff side.