Bob Marley and Dunns River Falls

Bob Marley and Dunns River Falls

If you do nothing else on your visit to Jamaica, check out the birth and final resting place of the reggae legend Bob Marley and Dunns River Falls, two iconic locations on the island. There is one tour that provides exactly that, all in one day on a fun excursion for the entire family or groups of all ages.

You’ll wend your way through the hills and small market towns to Nine Miles, where a young Bob Marley started his life and where he is now laid to rest. Hear the story of his childhood and rise to stardom and enjoy the live entertainment and refreshments high in the hills. Then head down to another major attraction in the parish of St. Ann, the world- famous Dunns River Falls. With the help of your guide, you will be able to expertly navigate the climb up of these amazing 600 ft. wateralls. If you’re not in the mood to do the climb, take in the stunning beauty of the water rushing over rocks that actually continue to generate due to the nature of the stone, as it makes its way down to a beautiful beach below, inviting you to take a dip where the crisp, cold river meets the turquoise Caribbean Sea on golden sands.