Dirty Banana

Dirty Banana

On a beautiful island in nature’s paradise, you’re walking hand in hand, flirting and frolicking with your lover, jamming to the sweet melodic reggae sounds of Bob Marley. You and your sweetheart wanna get naughty, then head over to the cocktail bar and continue your evening with a Dirty Banana.  

Dessert in a glass, a Dirty Banana cocktail is a favourite at resort bars across the island. Creamy, sweet and with its combination of liquors and rum incredibly satisfying, this cocktail is best enjoyed lazing by the beach or shooting the breeze by the swim-up bar.  

1oz Appleton Rum
1oz Tia Maria
1oz Rum Cream
1 Banana
Ice to blend

Blend all ingredients and serve in a highball glass with a straw and a tart slice of pineapple.