Giving the Gift of Time With a Little Help from Bijoux

Giving the Gift of Time With a Little Help from Bijoux

For the special men in our lives, giving them the gift of our time is probably the most special thing we can offer, and the watch has become the hallmark of marking this bond.

Somewhere along the way, giving the gift of a timepiece became most synonymous with showing appreciation to these men – our fathers, grandfathers and sons, as well as our husbands and husbands-to-be. The most time-honored and treasured of these has been recognized the world around as the Rolex.

These classic timepieces have graced the wrists of artists, thinkers, innovators, and world leaders in all fields – special men who have made their mark throughout time. Like the man you love, each piece has been through its own history of trials and remained consistent, steady, reliable, and whose presence can give great comfort. A remarkable token for a remarkable man.

And just who are these remarkable men in our lives? They vary as much as the range of watches themselves. They could be deep sea adventurers or armchair travelers, bookworms or cave spelunkers, men who drive carpool or who drive themselves to hike the highest mountains of the earth. And your reasons for giving them the gift of time marked with a stunning Rolex watch can be just as varied.

Father’s Day

Daddies come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes this includes our Grandpas, our step-dads, our favourite uncle or even that amazing man who has been the best father figure possible.  These men are our champions and our coaches, our touchstone and our rock and sometimes saying ‘I Love You Daddy’ with a timeless timepiece can be the way to show how much you appreciate these proud papas. And yes, sometimes that thank you can be for your life partner to show them what a great dad you think they are.


The Graduate

They’re all grown up now, these young men about to conquer the world and facing a whole new chapter of their lives. In recognition of this moment, you want to give them a token, a graduation day gift to carry with them out into the world, one that shows them you recognize their ability to be responsible for their own time and choices now. A souvenir of your love to carry with them wherever they may roam and that will count the seconds until you see them again. It’s time to send your baby off into the world, a baby no longer; a man, wearing a man’s timepiece, the Rolex watch.



These men who stand by your side, not just the day you said ‘I Do’ but the days, weeks and years that have followed. Birthdays and Anniversaries are the moments when we mark the passage of time together and a Rolex for that special anniversary or for any birthday at all can be the gift that he will have with him always to show how far you’ve come together through the better or worse and in sickness and in health.



Getting married is one of those most remarkable moments that you won’t need any reminder of, however it is tradition to give the groom something on your wedding day. And what better way to start counting the seconds together than with a beautiful precision timepiece that you know may be there for the full journey of your lifelong vows. To be there through all the hard times, to celebrate the good times and reminding you to check in with each other from decade to decade, taking care of each other.  The Rolex too can last a lifetime with the same dedication and care and is the perfect symbol to represent your lifetime love. They are stability, comfort and reassurance; everything the Rolex watch symbolizes. Each certified timepiece comes with the green seal at every Bijoux Jewelers store across Jamaica. A gift to last a lifetime where every second counts.


He could not just wear a watch. It had to be a Rolex.

~ Ian Fleming - Creator of James Bond 007


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