Go Nuts for the Jamaican Coconut

Go Nuts for the Jamaican Coconut

The Jamaican coconut is one of the most popular types of coconut in the world, found on the towering coconut palm trees throughout the country. The taste of coconut is undoubtedly delicious and is used in countless Jamaican recipes . Coconut ‘milk’ is one of the main ingredients in one of the most popular dishes in Jamaica, red peas and rice. The water inside the green coconut is a favourite for locals and tourists alike, and most enjoy the tradition of cutting open the coconut, and drinking the water before enjoying the delicious jelly inside. Extremely hydrating it is used as a healthy drink and is available as a bottled drink throughout the island.

The oil of the coconut can be used as a healthy cooking alternative and also serves as a popular natural remedy for hair and skin issues. Used shredded or raw as an ingredient, healthy meals and some of the most delicious desserts often thrill your taste buds with the sweet flavor of coconut. Coconuts are filled with nourishing vitamins and while it's most popular for eating, the fiber is so strong that it can also be used for the construction of houses and furniture.