Hanging Out With Your Friends at Mystic Mountain is Actually Good for Your Health!

Hanging Out With Your Friends at Mystic Mountain is Actually Good for Your Health!

It may not seem like an earth shattering revelation that hanging out with friends is fun, but it’s also really good for you!

While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy your alone time, heading out for the day with friends is always going to add something more to any experience simply because sharing a memory increases its impact.

And, in these days of a world that seems to never slow down, a break from all that with good friends is what can help keep balance in your life. A visit to Mystic Mountain is the ideal way to experience a fun day out with friends in Jamaica and get in some down time.

Although it sounds very academic, it’s all really just common sense. Feeling good can be about being calm and relaxed which hanging around good friends can do, and being excited and happy can also create good feelings. Letting off some steam, laughing out loud and feeling warmth and camaraderie will lower stress, which increases serotonin and dopamine, the ‘feel-good hormone’, creating a feeling of bliss.

Zipping through the trees or zooming down the mountain on the Jamaican Bobsled ride can create the perfect bonding experience for friends to laugh over while blowing up social media with awesome photos.

Those photos will be just as spectacular if you all choose to hang out by the pool in the warm tropical sunshine or take turns shooting down the cool curving waterslide, high above the beautiful bay of Ocho Rios 700 feet below.

Even getting there can be an amazing experience as you’ll start the day at the bottom of the mountain in the heart of the famous tourist town of Ocho Rios, on the north coast of Jamaica.

They’ve even made the summit to the top a great group experience as the SkyExplorer chair lift swoops you up in wide benches that allow you to all sit together. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy as you slowly soar up the mountain, taking in stunning vistas along the way.

A delicious addition to the day is waiting for you at Mystic Dining. The restaurant has windows that remain thrown wide open so everyone can still enjoy those same views you saw on the way up.

The presentation of these delicious meals will probably be the only thing to make you tear your eyes away from the view, as Jamaican favorites are served up along with other continental mainstays.

Whether you’re dying for a taste of world-famous Jamaican jerk chicken or want a lighter meal of fish and salad, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention an extensive cocktail menu along with drinks you definitely need to have when enjoying Jamaica like a cold Red Stripe or Appleton Estate Signature rum.

Although any day is a good occasion to gather friends together and head up Mystic Mountain, if there’s a special occasion you want to celebrate you can also reach out to the Mystic Mountain team to provide you with a facilitator to help create a themed day or just an extra special meal.

Whether it’s a pre-wedding outing for all your friends, a bachelorette or a friend’s birthday, you can be guaranteed everything will be taken care of.

We can also guarantee at the end of your visit, you’ll be feeling great as a day spent smiling and laughing will always do you some good and you can tell yourself you’re doing something to make sure you stay healthy!

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