Jamaican Ginger Wine

Jamaican Ginger Wine

Jamaicans love their ginger, in food and in drinks, including the favourite fizzy ginger beer. Jamaican ginger wine is made from a fermented blend of ground ginger root and raisins which was first produced in England. It is often fortified by being blended with brandy (especially cognac). Ginger wine is often drunk the way whiskey or scotch is, that is, on the rocks or straight up. Ginger wine can also be used as a mixer.

2 Oz green ginger
2 lemons
1/2 an orange
6 qrt water
1/4 oz icing glass
1 pk dry yeast
1 cap Brandy
1/2 cup Raisins
4 1/2 lbs Sugar

Wash and beat ginger
Remove the rind from the lemons and orange as thinly as possible
Add lemon juice, rind and all other ingredients to water and boil for half an hour
When luke-warm add yeast and brandy.
Cover and leave to ferment in a warm place for a week
Strain off cork lightly store in a cool place.