Land of Good and … WATA

Land of Good and  … WATA

Jamaica is known by many names, ‘Jamrock’, ‘The Jewel of the Caribbean’ and of course the ‘Land of Wood and Water’. With countless crystal clear rivers and springs flowing down mountainsides and through the countryside, water provides the life force evident in our lush green vegetation and stunning natural scenery.

It is from the parish of St. Catherine and one of these rivers that Jamaica’s most popular brand of bottled water, WATA, springs from. Not only is it the life force that quenches deep thirsts, fuels good health and sustains Jamaicans across the island, it nourishes in other ways as well.

WATA has become synonymous with infusing communities and health movements through nourishment of dreams and ambitions. Not only by providing the actual WATA enjoyed at numerous events but through funding and sponsorship for sporting competitions and other development programs for youth and sports across the island.

Getting into the flow of things is also the WATA way of doing things with their Brand Ambassadors present and often participating in activities that promote health and wellness across the nation. Fitness guru Kamila McDonald has shared the stage with Miss Jamaica Universe 2018, the gorgeous Davina Bennett, to help show Jamaicans that staying fit is also about fueling your body the right way, including staying hydrated throughout the day. Olympic athletes like Yohan Blake have also helped provide a voice to educate the nation on healthy choices that will last a lifetime, not to mention setting an incredible example!

Everywhere you look in Jamaica you will see the WATA name emblazoned across banners supporting the health of the small nation, from island wide youth football tournaments involving every high school to the Shaggy Foundation which raises money to fund the children’s hospital which caters children from all across the region. You’ll also find WATA aplenty at Eco-friendly events such as Earth Day Celebrations and beach clean ups. Not to mention promoting and supporting Jamaica in every way possible, including recently sponsoring the National football team, the Reggae Girlz, as they took to the world stage in 2019 to compete with the greatest international female football players from across the globe.

Fueling the wellbeing of the nation of Jamaica, this is the land of Good and WATA.

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