No Mystery! – Mystic Mountain is the Ultimate Destination Wedding Add-On

No Mystery! – Mystic Mountain is the Ultimate Destination Wedding Add-On

Your guests will be thrilled that you’ve chosen to get married in a beautiful place where they can celebrate you while having a fantastic vacation as well! With that in mind, a great day out at a place like Mystic Mountain can provide a key addition to a truly memorable destination wedding in Jamaica.

A destination wedding means you're guaranteed a few days away with all your friends and family which is already going to be a memorable trip. Of course, this also means you're going to be responsible for planning at least a couple of days' worth of activities.

While an evening of pre-wedding cocktails and on property activities at an all-inclusive is one of the things that appeal about most destination weddings, a part of what makes a destination wedding so special is the location you have chosen.

This is why treating your guests to a group excursion that they usually wouldn't get a chance to do is a perfect way to create even more memories. Even for those whose nuptial group vacation takes place on a cruise ship, an excursion on your stopover in Jamaica is definitely a way to enhance those wedding memories.

Scheduling at least one group excursion for everyone as a pre-wedding or post-wedding activity is sure to be greeted with enthusiasm and, whether you’re in a hotel or just docking for the day in the nearby town of Ocho Rios or elsewhere on the island, visiting Mystic Mountain in Jamaica is a fantastic choice for all ages. 

From the epic views from the top of a nearby mountain to zip-lining, adrenaline not only gets our blood pumping, it also creates instant memories, and perhaps even a few hilarious stories.

Those with adventure in their souls will enjoy the thrill of hurtling down the mountainside and through the lush jungle in the infamous Bobsled ride, followed by zipping from tree to tree, an activity enjoyed by the young and young at heart alike.

Other thrilling rides and activities will beckon everyone to join in and build some fantastic memories together while the automated cameras take shots of all of you at the height of your adrenaline rush.

However, as much fun as the thrilling rides can be, Mystic Mountain has something for groups of all ages and inclinations. The slow and Scenic SkyExplorer chairlift will give a breathtaking overview of the harbor below (and an epic capture for Instagram especially if your hotel or the cruise ship you came in on is in the shot!).

The cultural and historical hall will allow you to explore this small island’s remarkable impact on the world as ‘wi likkle but wi tallawah!’ (we are little but are strong and fierce), while the hummingbird garden provides another amazing photographic opportunity and, if you’re lucky, you may even spot a Doctor Bird with its long tail, also known as Jamaica’s National Bird.

Mystic Mountain offers all this to every guest who decides to spend the day with them, however, for your wedding party they also offer a dedicated event planner to make sure your group is taken care of in a truly special way. This includes unique customized dining experiences with delicious authentic Jamaican cuisine catering to the needs of your group, from casual to formal.

It can be a hearty midday meal for a large party or your day can end with a special intimate dinner at sunset for a smaller gathering provided by Mystic Dining, ensuring that the end of an epic day is made that much more magical!

Your personal event planner can also help with other details as everyone knows how busy a wedding trip can be. For example, maybe one of your party has a fear of heights, or you’ve all decided on a formal dining experience or someone has special mobility needs. For that reason, the Mystic Mountain team will organize to drive members of your party up the mountain to take in the scenic views from the restaurant versus enjoying them from the SkyExplorer chair lift.

Perhaps, some members of your party aren’t up for the more heart pumping activities available at Mystic Mountain, not to worry, your event planner will ensure that everyone is well taken care of, such as settling some people by the pool to enjoy the sun and delicious drinks to relax while others enjoy the rides and later on join the rest of their party by the water, where they can enjoy the thrill of a 70 foot long curving water slide into the infinity pool.

While a day out with your nearest and dearest sounds like a fantastic add-on for your destination wedding, for some newly-weds time alone after your special day might be something you crave and organizing a day out for your guests could be a great way to keep them happy and entertained while you bask in your after wedding glow. 

For couples about to be wed, sending everyone off on a fun-filled day without you can also be the perfect way to pay attention to some important last minute details without worrying about your wedding party having a great time. After all, they travelled all this way to be there with you on this special occasion, so an excursion with something for everyone is a great way to show you care while ensuring they get the most out of the trip.

The options are varied, whether you want a full day playing in the sun or simply want to enjoy a themed or sunset dinner to celebrate love, the Mystic Mountain team can arrange a day for your entire wedding party to remember. Reach out to them today by emailing or giving them a call and start planning the perfect add-on to your dream destination wedding!


Mystic Mountain offers the same personalized planning for any group seeking to celebrate a special occasion, from a golden anniversary to a themed birthday party.

For more information on how to add a Rainforest Adventure at Mystic Mountain to your travel memories in Jamaica check out Mystic Mountain  today.

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