Party Every Day of the Week in Jamaica  

Party Every Day of the Week in Jamaica   

What kind of partier are you? In Jamaica, you’ll find it all. Summer is the perfect time to find a party for every day of the week in Jamaica. The party calendar is packed much more tightly in the summer especially in July and leading up to Jamaica’s Independence weekend in August. Here’s a rundown of how you can hit a different type of party every day of the week for a different kind of vibe.

Hit a street dance on a Monday in a rural or inner-city community. Depending on which you choose, you’re bound to see people from all walks of life dressed in various degrees of nakedness, outlandish fashions or looking like they just left the farm or market stall. If you’re in Kingston, you might go to Uptown Mondays at Suzie’s Bar on Constant Spring Road where a more fashionable dancehall crowd comes out to listen to the latest tunes spun by a local DJ. If you’re on the North Coast, ask a taxi driver where to find the happening spot in a community in the hills. If it’s on the coast it won’t be the authentic experience you’re after. At the street dance, dancers will perform acrobatics you’ve seen only on YouTube and the drinks will be priced much below the prices you’re used to.

Hit a rumbar on a Tuesday to shoot the breeze with the old men hitting Domino shots, playing Ludo or Poker boxes. Here the drinks are cheap, the conversation loud and gets rowdier as the time passes and the drinks are consumed. After the games are concluded you’ll get a dance lesson from an elder who’ll school you on Jamaica’s earlier dances from the ska or roots rock genre. There’s pretty much one along the side of the road along the main roads throughout Jamaica.

Try out a nightclub on a Wednesday as they will probably have a themed night with drink specials. Here you can don some of your more fashionable threads and be prepared to hear a wider mix of music from around the world. Your selection of nightclub will determine how dressed up you need to get and how much the drinks will cost. Blue Beat in Montego Bay and Fiction Fantasy in Kingston span the upper echelon of clubs in Jamaica where you may want to dress up a bit and be prepared to shell out upwards of $5 a pop for a beer, more if you want something mixed or fancy.


Salsa anyone? On a Thursday night several spots offer Latin music and dancing around the towns. If you’re in Kingston, Puls8 will satisfy your urge. Ask at your hotel front desk for information and to get you a car service to and from the club.

Now’s the time to catch some great live music. From album launches to reggae, blues and jazz, many venues have special events that feature live music of all kinds. There’s even the possibility that you’re the source of the entertainment! That’s right, karaoke nights are also popular at a lot of the more casual bars in the main tourist destinations in Jamaica.

There’s nothing like a Jamaican party on a beach! It doesn’t matter if you go downmarket or upscale, the beautiful scenery will be the same, the white sands, turquoise waters, the flowing drinks, the lively reggae music and the jerk chicken aroma floating through the air will intoxicate you and keep your spirits high in the sun. Take the party out to sea aboard a catamaran cruise offered through tour companies or go local with fishermen offering a more rootsy vibe. Most tour companies run booze cruises. Check with the tour desk at your hotel.

Stop into a sports bar or gaming lounge on a Sunday where retro reggae music is likely to infiltrate the air. Munch on a jerk platter while catching up on the week’s games, hitting the slot machines or pick up the mic and get your karaoke on.

Whatever the type of party you seek, you’re likely to find it in Jamaica. Keep your eyes peeled for the signs on the road for posters of events near you that are happening during your stay. Ask at your hotel front desk, tour desk or even your taxi or bus driver what’s the big event that week.