Race to Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records Restaurant in Jamaica For A Family Feast to Remember

Race to Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records Restaurant in Jamaica  For A Family Feast to Remember

A family vacation in Jamaica can be one of the most epic ways to build memories, and we all know that food is often at the heart of some of the best moments of your holiday.

The difficult part of a wonderful local dining experience however can sometimes be in finding the perfect restaurant to please everyone’s palate when you travel to Jamaica. Foodie experiences in Jamaica can be on every adult’s bucket list but sampling the Jamaican cuisine isn’t exactly a priority for the little ones. For children who are hungry, the main thing they care about is if they’ll like it, while for most parents they just want to make sure their children are well fed on holiday.

Luckily for those visiting the island, Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records restaurants can be the ideal way to satisfy everyone’s tummy, taste buds and travel ‘must dos’ on their trip to Jamaica, while also having a uniquely cultural Jamaican experience. The world famous sprinter has a chain of restaurants that appeal to everyone just as he did. Young children and grownups alike line up to have their photo taken with the phenomenal athlete wherever he goes and at the restaurant everyone likes to mirror his famous pose in front of the billboard with his likeness and still unbeaten record flashing on the sign.

Aside from the thrill of visiting the world record holder’s restaurant, the truth is the dining experience here is worth the visit even without the strong pull of its owner’s name. The truth is anyone visiting would be hard pressed to not find at least one thing on the menu they would like to try. While his love for his country is reflected in the Jamaican food featuring heavily in the choices from the appetizers to the main entrees, other foodie favorites pepper the menu. Whether Dad would like a hearty steak, or Mom wants to dine on pan seared salmon, a range of continental cuisine is on offer along with options from Italian Pasta Primavera to hearty burgers, sandwiches, salads and soups.

The reason it’s a family favourite however (aside from the obvious appeal of Usain Bolt himself) is the wide variety of options that await the kids, no matter how picky. Along with the staples available at all locations, like tasty sandwiches, fries and burgers, even the sides and appetizers offer up a great selection for the kids to choose from. Spring rolls, nachos, quesadillas, wings and coconut and cassava encrusted shrimp are all on offer along with crispy tostones (crushed fried plantain) and salted fish fritters that are perfect for little hands to hold and nibble on. At the Montego Bay location there is even a special part of the menu dedicated just to kids, including yummy mac and cheese!

Another family favourite on the menu is perfect for sharing – pizza!  Several options are available for everyone to chow down on at each location and yes, there is even a veggie version. In fact, that’s another reason this is such a great option for families and groups of all ages, because their extensive menu includes several selections for vegetarians, meat lovers, seafood aficionados and even for those looking to eat as healthily as possible. A number of salads as well as steamed and baked fish dishes, along with ground provisions like yam and sweet potato (famously quoted by the world’s fastest man as the secret behind his speed) means that you can even return again and again without having to repeat your healthy delicious meal even once. Then again, it tastes so good you may just want to have the same thing over and over again!

It’s almost impossible to visit this restaurant and not find something for everyone, with the odds being you’ll find more than one thing and have to head back for another visit. Although an excellent family restaurant option, they cater to all kinds of groups, yes, even the ones you simply choose to call family.


Visit to check out their menu and to find a location near you. Here’s a tip, if you’re in London, England, there’s actually one there too!