Recycling and Environment Protection

Recycling and Environment Protection

Recycling and environment protection has become a growing movement in Jamaica.

Although not as popular or prevalent on the island as it is in other countries around the world, recycling in Jamaica is supported by a small movement within a dedicated group of organizations. These groups are working tirelessly to create a recycling groundswell on the island. Garbage is not typically sorted at hotels/villas/homes largely because of a lack of facilities around the island, but if you would like to research what might be near you, visit for a complete list of facilities that offer recycling services.

Environmental Programs in Jamaica

Jamaica Environment Trust (JET)
123 Constant Spring Road
Unit #5
Kingston 8 960 3693 or 906 9385

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) implements projects that focus on environmental education, law and advocacy and conservation. Their Schools’ Environment Programme, is Jamaica’s longest running environmental education programme having been in continuous operation since 1997. Their law and advocacy programme aims to create awareness among local citizens on protecting the environment around them and the legal framework in which they may take a stand using the law, public participation processes, policy review and the media to protect Jamaica’s natural resources. JET also stages and coordinates environmental events in Jamaica, the largest and most well known being International Coastal Cleanup Day in which volunteers participate in beach cleanups island wide collecting data on the types and quantities of garbage on the beach, improving on environmental awareness. JET’s recycling department recycles plastic bottles only.

Monday to Saturday 8:30am-5pm

Reporting Environmental Breaches

National Environment and Planning Agency
(876) 754 7540

NEPA is the governmental organization established to protect the environment by enforcing various protection acts on nature and wildlife (including that of endemic species) in the face of development in Jamaica. A regulatory agency, they are the go to source for rules and regulations as it pertains to conservation and protection, planning, compliance and enforcement. If as a visitor you witness something that is seemingly inappropriate or infringes on the protection of the local environment, contact NEPA to file a complaint. They monitor bird bush hunting season as well as compliance with the annual conch and lobster season in Jamaica.