Seek Your After Dark Thrills at Rose Hall on Your Vacation in Jamaica

Seek Your After Dark Thrills at Rose Hall on Your Vacation in Jamaica

The Legend of the White Witch comes alive in this interactive experience of the Rose Hall Great House during the plantation era.

Experience the legend of the White Witch and Jamaica’s plantation years as you are immersed in the story of the property’s infamous past mistress. The Rose Hall Great House Haunted Night Tour is filled with chills and thrills and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Figures from the past will cross your path as you make your way through the halls and up the grand staircase of the famous Georgian mansion built in the 18th century by George Ash for John Palmer. Your tour guide will regale you with snippets of history woven in with the telling of the ghostly legend of Annie Palmer, famed former wicked mistress of the Rose Hall Plantation who is said to have murdered three of her husbands as well as her slave lovers, one of whom eventually killed her himself.

Folklore says he was trying to protect his own young relative who was about to fall victim to Annie’s obsessions over those she wished to take on as her lover. Rituals performed over her grave were said to be incomplete and it is for this reason that it is said that she can be glimpsed roaming the grounds after dark.

In the past, visitors were told to exit the grounds before the night fell and Annie’s restless spirit began her haunting vigil. Nowadays, the doors have been thrown open wide to those who dare walk the halls and gardens, risking a chance encounter. Enhancing this daring adventure is the night tour which guides your exploration of this place of Jamaican myth and legend, weaving the tale as things around you go bump in the night.

It’s not for those with delicate temperaments, the young or for those unable to run should the need arise. Climb the stairs, turn each corner and hold on to each other’s hands as you never know what apparition may be lurking just out of sight.

After 45 minutes of your journey back in time, fortify yourself with the famed Witches Brew included in your tour. This smoking drink is sure to calm your rattled nerves, as you all dissolve into nervous laughter and begin to debate if you really saw what you think you saw!


45 minutes


No reservations required for groups under 20.

Tour duration is not inclusive of travel time to tour location.

All tours are weather permitting.

No photos or videos allowed in the house


Comfortable Shoes


Not recommended for children under 10 years old

Not recommended for the physically challenged

Not recommended for people with back problems or who have had a recent back surgery

Not handicapped accessible


Daily From 6:30pm to 9:00pm


$25 USD