The 3 Best Places To Purchase A Vacation Home In Jamaica In 2018

The 3 Best Places To Purchase A Vacation Home In Jamaica In 2018

Jamaica is one of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean which attracts millions of tourists yearly from all over the world. Whether you choose to visit for sea, sand, sun or whether you choose to secure a vacation property in the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, there are many locations on the island that would be perfect for you. Among the variety of locations in Jamaica to purchase a vacation home, three stand out amongst all the others, those being Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.


Negril is a lovely resort town on the western end of the island that is docked with several all-inclusive resorts, hotels, world-class restaurants, bars and water activities spanning two parishes: Westmoreland and Hanover. It is famous for its world-renowned 7 miles white sandy beaches which give a whole new vacation experience when you dip your toes in the sands and take a splash in the pristine beaches.

If you love water activities, then Negril is a match made in heaven just for you. You can go parasailing, glass bottom boat rides, scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling and kayaking. Lastly and by no means least, Negril offers some of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see in your lifetime. If you decide to purchase a vacation home, there would be nothing quite as serene as viewing the Negril sunset on a beautiful Jamaican evening. Whether you decide to take a splash at the beach or enjoy life’s simple pleasures like viewing the sunset, Negril is definitely an excellent location to purchase a vacation home.

Ocho Rios

The next great option for a vacation home is the gorgeous resort town of Ocho Rios located on Jamaica’s north coast. Ochi, as it is popularly called, is the perfect location for a vaca home because it has some of the most beautiful and thrilling attractions on the island. From picture-perfect beaches to exciting adventure parks, breathtaking mountain scenery and enchanting views of the Caribbean Sea, it offers a very subtle experience but leaves a lasting impression on the minds of all its visitors who vacation there. Ocho Rios has a little bit of everything that we all love about our exquisite island.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second city, and popularly dubbed the tourist capital of the Caribbean. Several celebrities and royalties flock the shores of the most famous bay whenever they need a little rest and relaxation and to get away from the everyday stress of life. Montego Bay is ideal for a vacation home because it has all the major offerings of a modern city, mixed with gorgeous beaches, beautiful landscape, immaculate dining options and a cosmopolitan lifestyle which would appeal to anyone seeking to purchase a vacation home. Celebrated fashion designer, Ralph Lauren purchased his vacation home on a lush terrain, just west of Montego Bay at Round Hill Resorts in the 1980s and it has inspired many of his collections over the years.

All three locations mentioned are perfect and would offer an amazing experience in Jamaica, whenever you and your family are seeking to escape from the pressures of life and serves to remind us of the privilege it is to enjoy the priceless wonders of nature.