The Famous “Seven Mile Beach” of Negril Jamaica

The Famous “Seven Mile Beach” of Negril Jamaica

One of the main attractions in Negril, Jamaica is the beaches, specifically the famous Seven Mile Beach. Although this is a small town of about 3,000, it stretches across two parishes and there are a number of beautiful beaches for people to enjoy. The seven mile stretch is the stuff of vacation legends; made up of the long 4 mile stretch and the smaller 3 mile stretch of Bloody Bay. Of course, with Negril being so close to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and other popular Jamaican destinations, the opportunity to visit an even greater number of beaches exists.

Two beaches that have become increasingly popular over the years include Hi Lo Beach and the Green Island East Beach. Both of these are relatively secluded beaches yet with convenient amenities. While these beaches and others are beautiful and enticing, the one beach that anyone going to Negril must see is the famous Seven Mile Beach.

At one time, the Seven Mile Beach was controlled by unruly pirates but of course today, the pirates are gone, leaving seven miles of silky golden sand for beach lovers to enjoy. This natural oasis is ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, and even scuba diving, along with a number of other fun water sports. The only caution is for parents of smaller children since some people soak up the sun or swim at this beach void of bathing suits.

Located just off the main thoroughfare of Norman Manley Blvd, there tends to always be a good crowd of people at the Seven Mile Beach in Negril. However, with majestic views of massive cliffs, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and even a lighthouse, this beach creates the illusion of being relatively secluded. In addition to the pristine sand that stretches as far as the eye can see, the water is a gorgeous aqua color with clear visibility.

Both snorkelers and scuba divers can spend time exploring underwater life just off the shore along the coral reefs. There, they will see things like box fish, puffer fish, stingrays, angel fish, seahorses, and goat fish, among others. Although this area is perfect for people with experience, it is also a great spot for beginners because the water is shallow and tranquil. Of course, more advanced divers can use their own equipment or rent items from a local dive shop to venture deeper into the waters around Negril Jamaica.

In addition to the beautiful creatures that live in the waters off the Seven Mile Beach is the stunning coral. This reef boasts vibrant colors such as green, red, and purple, and it is comprised of various types of coral to include sea fan, bubble coral, brain coral, purple base anemone, green anemone, flowerpot coral, star coral, and red cauliflower coral. The result is a one-of-a-kind landscape.

Making the trip to the Seven Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica even more enjoyable is the fact that there are nearby restaurants close by. There is also a convenient concession stand right on the beach and several vendors who sell food and locally made items. Some of the other amenities include restrooms, showers, chairs, umbrellas, and picnic tables. The bottom line - whether visiting Negril’s Seven Mile Beach alone or as an entire family, lifetime memories are created. Relaxing yet invigorating, this beach is truly one of Negril’s most incredible attractions.