Top 5 Gift Ideas To Take Home For Friends And Family Your Jamaica Vacation

Top 5 Gift Ideas To Take Home For Friends And Family Your Jamaica Vacation

All good things must come to an end, or so the saying goes. But if you’re smart about it buying a few souvenirs on your way home from a vacation, may extend the good times just a little longer, with their taste, touch and smell.


Blue Mountain Coffee

With its full-bodied taste and aroma, world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee takes the prize as the most valuable and generous gift you can bring home from the island. Reaped way up high in the cool, lush and vast Blue Mountains that tower over Jamaica’s eastern parishes, the beans are handpicked at the source, dried, processed and carefully roasted to perfection on small largely family owned farms – many of which have been in the business for generations. Expect to spend between USD$20 to $50 a bag depending on size, brand, blend and roast.



Usain Bolt T-Shirt

He may have retired from the field of athletics but Usain St. Leo Bolt O.J. certainly hasn’t retired from the hearts and minds of fans both here and abroad. His legendary status of a world record-breaking champion who dominated the 100 and 200m events, in three consecutive Olympics in which he won over (8) gold medals, remains a feat to be conquered by athlete in the world. Charming, funny and a real ambassador for Jamaica, his signature line of apparel (featuring his trademark “To The Worl’” pose) is available at most clothing stores island wide or for a wider range of items, visit his restaurant Tracks and Records in Kingston or Montego Bay.



Jamaican Candy

A best-kept culinary secret of the island – if you’ve find out about Jamaican candy or traditional sweet treats, congratulations you have experienced Jamaica like a local! Largely coconut or ginger based, both savoury and sweet, rolled in sugar or wrapped in banana leaf, all seeped in our local history, Jamaican sweet treats make great gifts for those interested in learning a little more about the island one delicious bite after the other. Look for sampler boxes that offer a little bit of everything.



Nothing says you’re on holiday in the Caribbean like sipping a rum cocktail by the beach. Take the flavour of your holiday back with you with a bottle of rum: golden brown and smooth, clear and 100% over-proof, coconut flavoured or blended with cream, there is a rum out there for every kind of cocktail and connoisseur. All you need is the chaser, a sunny day and a reggae beat and you’ll feel like your back on the beach … or almost!


Jerk Seasoning

While it’s near impossible to recreate the exact flavour of Jamaican jerk chicken/pork/fish/lobster back home – the secret is in the slow grilling over a smoking pimento sticks -- having a bottle of Jamaican jerk seasoning can go a long way to help you with your best effort. Salty, spicy, and loaded with local seasonings such as allspice, thyme, scallion and hot peppers, Jamaican jerk seasoning will elevate any protein you are cooking … and perhaps your spirits too .. reminding you of that great roadside treat you had on holiday.