Top 8 Restaurants Serving Jamaican Food in Negril Jamaica

Top 8 Restaurants Serving Jamaican Food in Negril Jamaica

If you’re on vacation in Jamaica, a bucketlist item has got to be eating at a restaurant serving local food. Restaurants serving Jamaican food in Negril, Jamaica have the added bonus of also providing a taste of local culture along with the delicious meals they offer. This does not necessarily mean five-star establishments that cost a fortune but places where genuine Jamaican cuisine is prepared by master chefs.

The biggest challenge is choosing where to eat. After all, the list of possibilities is quite extensive. Of course, everyone will have their personal preferences when it comes to food but any one of the restaurants listed below features menu items that represent Jamaica’s rich spices, natural fruits, vegetables, and fish, and unique methods of preparation to include Jerk.

Bongo’s Restaurant: This exclusive restaurant serves exceptionally delicious Jamaican cuisine and at great prices. The chef has dedicated years to preparing food using authentic Jamaican seasonings and methods. Literally every aspect of this resort is refined to include the restaurant, which offers both casual and formal dishes. Best of all, guests dine while overlooking the beautiful Seven Mile Beach and listening to waves crashing to shore.

Chances Restaurant: This is another fabulous restaurant in Negril with a menu that leaves a lasting impression. Although this beach bar and restaurant is known for its excellent pizza, people also have a choice of popular Jamaican dishes. The atmosphere is relaxing with an inviting ambience but the Jazz and Blues is what completes the dining experience.

Kuyaba Restaurant: Located on the pristine beach of Negril, this restaurant features mouth-watering grilled lobster served with hot curry or garlic butter, as well as a wide array of other menu items. Candles flickering in the soft Jamaican breeze and the shore bathed in moonlight create the perfect backdrop for an unbelievable meal.

Lighthouse Inn: One of the popular tourist sites in Negril is the beautiful lighthouse. Directly across the street to this historic site is the former Lighthouse Inn Restaurant, now called “One Love”. The chef creates masterful dishes using the finest organic and fresh ingredients. However, other benefits of dining in this restaurant include the wide selection of fine wines, a beautiful atmosphere, and some of the best Mento music on the island.

Rockhouse Restaurant: For some chefs, marrying the complex spices used in Jamaican cuisine is difficult but not for the chef at the Rockhouse Restaurant. In addition to the more traditional dishes, this restaurant features newly inspired Jamaican food, as well as true Rastafarian vegetarian meals. Perched on the cliff side, guests are treated to spectacular sunsets.

Swordfish Restaurant: Whether dining as a couple or family, this restaurant is truly a slice of tropical paradise. Guests can choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner menus while enjoying gorgeous views of the Seven Mile Beach.

Xtabi Restaurant: The name of the restaurant translates to “Meeting Place of the Gods” and after visiting, it is easy to see why. Guests dine in an open-air seaside restaurant that boasts ocean and beach views. In addition, the food is prepared to perfection, capturing the very essence of the Jamaican culture.

Murphy’s: The rave reviews alone on Trip Advisor and their Social Media should urge you to check out this culinary treat. A fairly inexpensive restaurant with mouth-watering food that will rival almost any of the pricier options.