Where To Stay In Jamaica If You Are Looking For Great Nightlife: A guide to the best nightlife spots in Jamaica, from beach bars to nightclubs and massive beach parties

Where To Stay In Jamaica If You Are Looking For Great Nightlife: A guide to the best nightlife spots in Jamaica, from beach bars to nightclubs and massive beach parties

One of the most popular ways to experience Jamaica’s nightlife is through the bars, and you can find some excellent drinking spots at every turn on the island, many of which use their setting on the cliffs and shorelines, with sweet reggae music in the air.

On the cliffs of Negril’s west end, there is also an added attraction of where you can go for cliff diving. Another aspect of Jamaica’s nightlife is through its live concerts and parties, which I promise, you will be able to find a couple no matter the time of year or day of the week.

Let's take a look at the go-to destinations in Jamaica if you are looking to add that touch of nightlife to your vacation experience.

Montego Bay

Jamaica’s second city, Montego Bay – a popular cruise ship destination and home to many resorts and beaches is located on the northwest coast of Jamaica and the nightlife there is more than worth the stay.

The main attraction is Jimmy Cliff Avenue commonly known as the “Hip Strip” or “Bottom Road” to the locals. Here, the bars, nightclubs, restaurants and people create a scene of buzz, music, non-stop flow of Red Stripe Beer, Jamaican Rum and just a very good time, as long as you are able to do it all night. The best part about this that all these spots are just walking distance from the hotels!

Many people also purchase night passes to some of the more luxe hotels and get an evening of delicious dining along with access to the on property bars and nightclubs for one flat price. Local casinos also offer a cool way to spend the evening and events are happening in Montego Bay all the time. Some of the most popular spots in Montego Bay are Pier One, Margaritaville, Hard Rock Cafe, and Blue Beat Ultra Lounge. They are all completely dissimilar in architecture and ambience but are all the same in non-stop music and good vibes.


Kingston is the Capital city of Jamaica and the largest and most populous city in the English speaking Caribbean. Popular spots like Fiction, Sky Dweller and Janga’s hosts the islands top DJ’s if you feel like partying and dancing, there is always somewhere to go. Taboo even has a LGBTQ vibe, just call ahead and ask. Every weekend there are dozens of live concerts and local parties in and around the city. F & B Downtown hosts special nights while Jamnesia out in Bull Bay has live music sessions once a month.

There are even shuttle buses to take Kingstonians to out of town parties and concerts at places like Grizzly’s Plantation and Murray’s Farm. If you ask enough questions, you will learn about exclusive Yacht parties going over to the Private Islands known as Maiden and Lime Cay.

Strip clubs, sports bars, street parties, or for whatever it is that you are into, the nightlife in Kingston is the best in the Caribbean. For just stuff to do at night, special events happen throughout the year such as October when Kingston is the centre for foodies with the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival week long line of different themed events happening every night.


Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is a port town located on the North Coast of Jamaica. The former fishing village is popular for its many resorts and also its cruise ship port. Ocho Rios is also home to many of the most popular tourist attractions like Dunn’s River Falls, Blue Hole, Mystic Mountains and a whole lot more. When the sun sets, the night life in Ocho Rios comes alive.

More than any of the other tourist towns the cruise ship port is frequented by tourists, some of which ship out before dark, leaving the others and the locals to enjoy the festivities that the town has to offer.

The best way to start your nightly activities is with a sunset cruise. Sunsets in Jamaica are particularly beautiful and what better way to view one than on a boat, out in the ocean accompanied by some reggae music and some Red Stripe Beer. For later on in the night, like anywhere in the world, fads come and go, including special themed nights and promotions, so check in with your hotel to see what the front desk might recommend.



In Negril it’s almost impossible to be bored at night. This laid back beach town is a huge draw for the younger crowd with endless white sand, gorgeous blue water, a ton of water sports and other fun activities to do all day long. You can spend your days cliff jumping, scuba diving or getting your tan on, and at night the fun doesn’t stop.  

Chilling and dancing in the sand at Alfred’s or Woodstock with the famous 7 mile stretch in view every night, enjoying the finest vintages at Wine With Me with friends or dancing on the cliffs at Rick’s Café as the sun sets are all great ways to end the day.

For those who want to party a little longer, Jungle night club is a place to dance the night away. At certain times of the year, special events create a unique vibe, such as the Tmrw Tday Wellness Festival every spring which includes concerts, the Reggae Marathon in December and music all night along with their schedule of other events.

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