Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?

When You Know You Know! You’ve made up your mind, no, not your mind … your heart. This is it. You’ve found … The One.

Well Bijoux can help you choose the perfect engagement ring. A ring as individual as your love for each other, for that moment when you ask the most important question you’ll ever ask.

Now comes the big moment, the moment you will both remember forever. The moment you decided to make your journey through this life together. Perhaps you’ll go down on one knee after dining by candlelight at a little Italian tavern by the sea. Maybe romance for you means flowers and a musical serenade. Maybe it’s about recreating the first time you saw each other, your first kiss or standing in the spot where you first said ‘I Love You.’ No matter the ambiance, the moment you slip that ring on her finger will be one of the most memorable of your lives.

So, how to begin this important step of finding the perfect engagement ring to ask someone to marry you?

There is a world of choice, so the odds of your finding the perfect combination of options to discover The Perfect Engagement Ring are pretty high. However, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed this is how Bijoux stores across Jamaica can help. From the moment you share your plan to ask the big question, Bijoux will help you start working towards the perfect choice.

The first thing is of course who they are. Is your love someone who likes a classic silhouette and ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ over the traditional?  If instead she is a bohemian flower child, a ring in a more unique setting with a non - traditional stone or perhaps in a shape reminiscent of nature might be what she deserves.

Knowing your love is definitely what comes next when talking to the jewelers at Bijoux. Not only your sweetheart’s style and taste but their lifestyle as well. If your love is highly active or works with their hands perhaps a solitaire in a high prong setting may not be the right choice and instead a bezel setting may be the way to go.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? Regardless of your love’s personality, diamonds are usually the number one choice for engagement rings. These beautiful clear stones of course go with any color or style no matter the person or place. When purchasing these, know that these are valued by the ‘4 Cs’, that is, Color, Cut, Clarity and of course, Carat! Set in platinum, titanium or white gold they can have a cool sparkle although many still choose the more classic look of a setting of yellow gold. The metal itself can be the key to making a ring stand out from the crowd.

Did you know though that aside from the stone your choices include different cuts, settings and shapes to further personalize the ring? Stones can come in square or rectangular shapes like a Baguette, an Asscher cut, a Cushion, Princess or Radiant, or rounded like of course a Round but also an Oval, Pear or Marquise and even a unique shape like a Heart. These multi-faceted sparklers can stand alone, as a solitaire engagement ring setting, or be surrounded in a cluster of other similar or otherwise differently colored stones. They can have wings and halos, angelic like your love, or include fun details like a pavé setting which can give the effect of continuous sparkle around the entire ring.

So, if you feel that question bubbling near the surface, whether you live on the island or you’re just on vacation in Jamaica, feel free to head into any duty free Bijoux store to start asking questions! It’s never too early and they’re there to share their expertise to help you narrow your choices down to The Perfect Ring from their selection of some of the finest jewellery lines in the world. As a duty free store of course you may also find that your options are even greater than you thought!

This is it. This is the moment.

After all, when you know … you know.


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

- Lao Tzu


#LIGHTandLOVE always,




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