You're Invited to Makka Pro for Sand, Sea and a Whole Lot of Surf

You're Invited to Makka Pro for Sand, Sea and a Whole Lot of Surf

The surfing community in Jamaica is slowly growing, spearheaded by Billy Wilmot and his family who, along with some breathtakingly skilled surfers, put on the Makka Pro Surfing Event (Invitational) once a year.

Jamaica is most commonly envisioned as a scenic getaway for tourists who want to laze on the beach while enjoying delectable Jamaican cuisine. Yet, there is a lesser-known treasure found in Jamaica along the sandy shores of the island. The island of Jamaica has all the proper elements to be recognized as a surfing destination, serving as a hub for professional surfers and enthusiasts looking to learn how to conquer the waves.

Held along the Palisadoes Strip in Kingston, the Makka Pro Invitational is a two-day competition that brings more than 20,000 participants to Jamaica as its reputation continues to build as a surfing destination. Recently reaching its 10-year anniversary, the Makka Pro Event continues to grow every year.

Organized by the Jamaica Surfing Association that is headed by Jamaica’s illustrious surfing family, the Wilmots, Makka Pro is held annually at the end of July. The competitions are fierce and the surfers add a fresh intensity to the Caribbean Sea that you don’t want to miss, at an event where surfers, along with gifted skaters and supporters of Jamaica’s surfing and cultural contribution.