Dive into Jamaica with Jamaica Tours Limited (JTL)!

Dive into Jamaica  with Jamaica Tours Limited (JTL)!

Known for its smooth reggae beats, spicy food and warm welcomes, this small island with the big reputation, also boasts some of the most spectacular beaches, waterfalls and rivers in the Caribbean.

The third largest island in the Caribbean Jamaica is 146 miles from east to west and 51 miles at her widest point. That’s 4,213 square miles beckoning your curiosity and sense of adventure. The name of the island itself in its original form, ‘Xaymaca’, means “land of wood and water” and it certainly lives up to the claim.


Although you can find a desert cactus here and there, the lush vegetation dominates and you can’t drive too far without crossing a bridge with a river rushing by below. In fact touring the waters of the island is probably one of the best ways to explore the varied landscapes. For over fifty years, Jamaica Tours Limited (JTL) has been offering the widest varieties of options to explore the island. Their standard packages take in the most popular attractions, while partnerships with other major excursions has enabled them to design the most exciting tour packages so you don’t miss a thing!


They’ll help you tap into your inner Indiana Jones so you can leap off of a cliff at Ricks Café into the turquoise waters below, or put you on a boat for the Black River Safari to see if you can spot a crocodile silently gliding through the Caribbean’s largest protected wetland brimming with mangroves and wildlife. For a more interactive experience, opt for a cross-country horseback tour ending with a ride (bareback) into the sea. If ‘Flipper’ or ‘Robinson Crusoe’ are more your style, head out to Dolphin Cove and fly through the air on dolphin power or get a peck on your cheek from these amazing mammals in an dolphin encounter. No trip to Jamaica is complete without climbing the most famous attraction on the island - Dunns River Falls. While most visitors make their way hand in hand up the falls, others prefer to take a plunge into icy river pools a refreshing break on the typically hot island days.


Think once you’ve seen one set of waterfalls, you’ve seen them all? Not so in Jamaica where waterfalls abound, each with its own personality certain to leave you with a unique memory of your visit. Gaze at the delicate and clear cascades of Konoko Falls, zipline the entire length of the glorious YS Falls or river tube through the jungle on bubbling rapids in the comfort of an inner tube.


For a slower, more relaxed pace, there’s also rafting down the Rio Grande or Martha Brae River onboard a 30 foot bamboo raft. Imagine drifting along a lazy river, listening to stories of cultural legends, nature all around you and a loved one by your side. Take a hand at steering your way through the steamy tropical jungle, it’ll make for a great story when you get back home.


No matter what you choose though it all seems to come back to the sea. That water that stretches as far as the eye can see, from crystal clear cerulean to shades of turquoise and teal, from peacock and deep indigo and in one spot on the island a blue that even glows. Dubbed the Luminous Lagoon, this rare phenomenon occurs when microscopic organisms that emit phosphorous get agitated by movement in the water. A tour of the lagoon offers guest the chance to swim in the “glowing” water   one of the few spots on the planet that can boast this phenomenon.

Another way to enjoy the beautiful sea that surrounds Jamaica is with a catamaran cruise. Jump off at will and swim in the warm Caribbean Sea,  go snorkeling,  or sway all day to a reggae beat enjoying those many shades of blue first hand until they begin to turn into the fiery reds and oranges of molten gold as the sun sets on another perfect day of your vacation in paradise.

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