Chat Bout'! - A few useful (and not so useful) Jamaican phrases.

Chat Bout'! - A few useful (and not so useful) Jamaican phrases.

Chat ‘bout can mean more than one thing.  It can be used to agree with someone or as a disclaimer of disbelief (I hear

you/What’re you talking about!?). SomeJamaican phrases or words in patois are used by many or only one generation in a location. Here are a few other useful phrases to try out or at least just help you to keep up with a lively conversation!

• Earth strong – Birthday

• Irie – Everything cool (can be asked as a question)

• Bless Up/Blessings – Sometimes used as a greeting

• Yuh si mi?/Zimmi – Do you understand?

• Zeen – I understand/agree

• Small up yuhself – Move over and make room

• Ovah deh so – Over there

• Soon come – I’ll be right back/I’m on my way

• Likkle More – In a while/See you later

• Pickney – Child/children (singular and plural)

• Broughtupsy – Proper Manners

• Brawta – a little extra/bonus

• Pree – to look at/watch closely

• Jim Screechy – a suspicious act/a con

• Ignorant – bad-tempered

• Hush – used to soothe - my condolences

• Yu too bright – being rude Hiss/Kiss Teeth – a noise made by sucking saliva through your teeth while pursing your lips used to display disgust, frustration, contempt or dismissal. (‘Kiss Mi Teet’ - KMT in messaging format)