Jamaican Land of Film Tour

Jamaican Land of Film Tour

If Jamaica were an actor, she would have appeared in more than 141 movies.

And even when she doesn't make an appearance, she's scripted in the lines said by the main stars of popular movies; mentioning her pristine beaches, her world-famous beer, Red Stripe, her music legends like Bob Marley, and sports legends like Usain Bolt.

Yes it's true, Jamaica features prominently in Hollywood. 

But you'd know that if you're a true movie lover. If you happen to visit Jamaica this year, book the Jamaican land of film tour

This one-of-a-kind tour will showcase movie locations throughout Jamaica highlighting some iconic films with interesting behind the scenes stories.

The locations


Expect to make three stops in this town where four movies were filmed. 

Ocho Rios

Expect to spend the entire day in Ocho Rios if you choose this location. The tour includes a total of seven stops with 15 movie scenes to experience. 

Montego Bay & Hanover

If you choose the city of Montego Bay or the parish of Hanover, expect to make a total of seven stops as you view the scenes of 14 movies filmed in Jamaica's northwest. 

Some well-known movies featured on the Jamaican Land of Film tour

You may be wondering which movies have been filmed in Jamaica beyond the popular James Bond movies, written by former army man turned world-renowned author, Ian Fleming?

Here is a list of famous movies you can expect to revisit during the Jamaican Land of film tour. 

Dr No


Live and Let Die


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Legends of the Fall

Cool Runnings

Knight and Day

If you're in Jamaica for a short while, a day or two, and you're in search of a unique sightseeing experience, book the Jamaican Land of Film Tour.

You'll gain a deeper appreciation of the history of movie production in Jamaica.