Join the Recycle Revolution with WATA!

Join the Recycle Revolution with WATA!

Jamaica is setting the bar high on making sure we maintain our island’s beauty and WATA and their parent company the Wisynco Group Ltd. is leading the way.

In 2018, Wisynco Eco, the Group’s social and responsibility initiative, started the Recycle Challenge with the idea of getting the corporate sector of Jamaica involved in cleaning up the island and maintaining it. The management and staff of over twelve companies received training in recycling initiatives, the benefits of recycling as well as what to recycle. Although taking pride in a job well done is often rewarding, Wisynco Eco took it one step further and added an element of fun by making it a competition as well! The idea was that those trained by Wisynco Eco would pass on their knowledge regarding the benefits of recycling.

Sure enough, these companies encourage their own customers to recycle on an everyday basis while they invite their team members to jump in along with their family members to try to win first prize! The leaderboard is filled with the names of companies Jamaicans as well as visitors come in contact with all the time. Recognizable names which are synonymous with supporting and promoting the best of Jamaica. Companies like Flow, one of the two telecom giants on the island, and Nationwide 90, one of the most listened to radio stations across the nation, to JAMPRO, which leads the way for foreign investment and development in multiple sectors, and Island Routes, one of the major tour companies on the island which is all about exploring the beauty of the country. And these are only a few who are working towards the goal of removing even more than the half a million plastic bottles that have already been cleaned up through bottle collections and beach clean-ups since the program started.

Already working along with schools and communities to educate children and Jamaicans about how to recycle and why we should be recycling, Wisynco Eco decided that this call to action would be a great way to encourage others to begin recycling as well. This would create another avenue for people to learn from each other by example and through established programs.

Jamaica has now banned single use plastic bags and plastic straws are now a thing of the past. The entire island has adapted quite easily, with people heading to the grocery store with their reusable shopping bags and embracing the idea of paper bags with a sense of fond nostalgia. Whether you work for one of these companies or not, “Recycling Plastic Feels Fantastic!” so give it a go! Join a beach clean-up or reach out to Wisynco Eco to see how you and your company can also participate and compete for cash prizes, trophies and bragging rights!

Visit for more details and how to contact the Wisynco Eco team.

If anyone across the island wants to help Wisynco Eco reach its goal each year, look out for drop off spots posted on the website.