Kerry Miller- a love for art and a passion for life.  

Kerry Miller- a love for art and a passion for life.   

For Kerry Miller, art is more than a pastime; it’s her passion and calling.

From a young age, Kerry watched as her mother transformed patterns and loose fabric into beautiful clothing, delicate drapes, and fine cushions using nothing more than her sewing machine.

Her mother’s craft left a lasting impression on Kerry and paved the way for her love for fashion design and art today.

As always, the only predictable thing about life is how unpredictable it can be and after setting aside her passion for nine years in order to focus on her career, Kerry stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime at work.

Reuniting with an old passion

One day at the office, Kerry was asked to participate in an internal art show. The show gave Kerry the chance to showcase her talent and passion for art; leaving a powerful impression on her colleagues.

Being a private person, Kerry had never shared her art with anyone else and was pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response she received from this art show.

The feedback was enough to inspire Kerry to re-prioritize her life and push her love of art to the forefront.


Influences of Elgo and Barry Watson

With the help of her mentors, Elgo and Barry Watson, Kerry’s transition into the art world was positive and supportive.

Elgo and Barry had a profound influence on Kerry’s craft as the two artists perfectly captured Jamaican culture in their art, a style that Kerry also reflected in her own work.

With the help and influence of Elgo and Barry, Kerry perfected her technique of using charcoal and pencil for her drawings.

Looking at Kerry’s work, one can see how her strong personality seems to emanate from every stroke and shade.

Her preferred medium of choice is charcoal; she explains that the coal allows her to be spontaneous in her creativity and pour her heart and soul into each of her drawings.

Kerry's artistic inspiration

How something looks, how it tastes, how it smells, and generally how it appeals to her senses is what ultimately inspires Kerry’s art.

She is a true artist whose emotions seem to splash across the canvas and reflect what she is feeling at the time.

Her passion led her to create the masterpiece “Hold Me,” which she considers as being one of her favorite pieces to date.

Her inspiration for “Hold Me” comes from the life she has had with her husband of 13 years.

The piece shows a man and woman embracing; an image that Kerry says represents the loving and supportive bond the two share.



Recently, Kerry launched a collection of 25 pieces called “Liberated”, whose name was motivated by the initial struggle she had with sharing her art at the beginning of her career.

After that first art show held in the office, Kerry was liberated (as the collection suggests) to share her art and drawings with the world.

The launch of this collection included depictions of dancing, a vocalist, and a drummer - reflecting the notion of being set free through art.

Her long break from the art world is something she believes was required for her to create the life she always envisioned having.

When asked about her advice to aspiring artists, Kerry strongly affirms that people should simply work hard for what they want in life and never give up on their passions.

To women in particular, Kerry encourages them to maintain their independence and never be afraid of expressing themselves - no matter their art form.