PANDORA: A Charming Remembrance of Paradise

PANDORA: A Charming Remembrance of Paradise

What if she could hold on to that feeling of paradise? A small symbol that she could touch and glance down at that would create a small secret smile as memories of white sand beaches, smiles and laughter, love, friendship and that special occasion all come flooding back. These iconic moments are often captured in photographs and, these days, shared instantly across social media, but we all know that keepsakes have their own special magic and have long been a part of the human story.

The charm bracelet is one such ‘charming’ nod to our desire to create treasured keepsakes of momentous occasions. One of the greatest romances of all time, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and her beloved Prince Albert, inspired this fashion trend to spread throughout society as she wore hers in memory of her one great true love, keeping him with her always. 

The charm bracelet has become so much more, as it becomes a repository of our most endearing memories and moments, each one captured by one small simple charm. None more so these days than the internationally recognized PANDORA bracelet, created in Denmark. The largest jewellery brand in the world, these bracelets are clamored for by ten year old girls hoping to get their first charm symbolizing their birthday, and years later, hoping to see other charms added as they meet their own milestones – a Sweet Sixteen, graduation, the day they got their first job, their engagement in Jamaica.

These charm bracelets become a link to the past, and to the future; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, children, promotions and epic vacations become immortalized in each tiny charm. Some are as obvious as a heart shaped bridesmaid keepsake or an anniversary miniature bottle of champagne, while other shapes simply mark the years on your journey of loving each other forever. 

In Jamaica, dotted across the island, you will find beautiful PANDORA bracelets and charms in the duty free Bijoux stores, offering special keepsakes of your first, or twentieth, trip to the island. There are even miniature palm trees to help take you back to balmy tropical nights dining by the Caribbean Sea. Better yet, every person’s PANDORA bracelet tells the story of their unique journey of memories, so in Jamaica, you can get a PANDORA Jamaica charm that isn’t available anywhere else in the world. Pick up one of these exclusive keepsakes like a small smiling rasta, a dangling image of the island, an ode to Reggae Music or a small token saying ‘I Love Jamaica’ in the shape of a heart.

Each PANDORA charm, crafted by around thirty artisans per piece, is not only the perfect gift for that special lady in your life, be it a newborn baby, the mother you cherish, or the woman you love, but it is a way to capture a special moment that links you and your loved one to the place where that keepsake was acquired. Watch her face light up and glow as the charm glints in the sun and shines in the night, absorbing these moments to carry away with you and keep forever.

Charm her heart by helping her take a little bit of her memory of Jamaica wherever she goes, along with your love.

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