Planning the perfect destination wedding in Jamaica

Planning the perfect destination wedding in Jamaica

Planning the perfect destination wedding in Jamaica can be a dream come true with a little thinking ahead.

Let's face it, getting married on the beach of a tropical island is about as romantic as it gets.

While there are thousands of islands to choose from, Jamaica is one of the more popular options for a number of reasons.

For one thing, this island is easy to reach, but travel is also relatively affordable, and the island locals are more than willing to help create the perfect event.

From lush rainforest venues in the eastern part of the island to luxury villas on the north coast and towns like Negril, with hotels all along Seven Mile Beach, ranked as one of the most beautiful in the entire world, what's not to love?


Destination Wedding Planning

If you are interested in a wedding in Jamaica, you will have two primary choices available to you.

The first option includes you organizing all the details of the wedding alone, which usually takes a little time and is more challenging, but certainly possible.

The second option involves taking advantage of one of the wedding packages offered by most of the island's popular hotels, resorts, and wedding planners.

The wedding package option is normally the most popular choice among couples and is priced according to the level of sophistication and features.

Destination wedding packages

Most of the wedding packages in Jamaica include the venue, marriage license fees, legal processing of the documents, two witnesses, two marriage certificates, a memento keepsake, a personalized on-site coordinator, flowers for the bride, and a boutonniere for the groom.

Music is usually complimentary and you generally have the option of two-way transportation to and from the resort.

For couples who love to be pampered, there is a wide range of features that can be added to the packages, including gourmet dining, champagne, couples massage, and professional photos.

Wedding locations

Apart from the customized wedding packages, Jamaica offers a wide range of wedding locations for you to choose from. Some of the options that you will have available to you include:

Waterfront gazebo: Beachfront weddings are in high demand in Jamaica. A beautiful gazebo right on the white sandy beach is perfect for a romantic and sophisticated ceremony. There are a number of exceptional options that you can choose from to accommodate your wedding. 

Private BeachAnother popular option involves getting married right on the beach. These types of wedding locations normally offer the perfect blend of both privacy and romance and are ideal if you love the sand between your toes.

Cascading waterfalls: Jamaica boasts a number of waterfalls, each of which is incredibly beautiful and unique. This makes them some of the most ideal locations for couples to exchange vows. 

Hotels and resortsMost of the hotels and resorts provide not only a place for the wedding but also luxurious guestrooms and most have arrangements in place to help you plan your wedding.

On the water: Weddings on the water are also a common choice. A couple can choose a more traditional fishing boat or yacht but for something extraordinary, vows can be exchanged on a catamaran under bright blue skies or in the beauty of the setting sun.

Garden setting: One thing that attracts people to the island of Jamaica is the lush vegetation, found not only in rainforests but also in the beautifully-manicured gardens throughout the island. Being surrounded by the native flora and fauna, exotic plants, butterflies, and birds can create a magical setting in which to get married.