5 Uniquely Romantic Ways To Propose In Jamaica

5 Uniquely Romantic Ways To Propose In Jamaica

“Will you marry me?” 

One of the most important questions you may ever ask the one you love.  

Although already a moment neither of you will ever forget, if you choose to pop the question in Jamaica, why not make the occasion even more memorable? Here are a few suggestions to help make your proposal that dinner party story you’ll be telling for the rest of your lives.  

1. A Zippy Proposal

All across Jamaica there are many places to go flying through a jungle of trees screaming for joy. Why not race towards your love, ring in hand, and make them squeal for joy too as you join them at the opposite platform. One such breathtaking spot is at YS Falls, with zip lines which let you travel along the river over the secluded spots and stunning rushing waters below. A true adrenaline junkie would opt for the zip lines at H’Evans Scent in Ocho Rios, and, if they can survive all 5 lines with you, including the giant swing called ‘The Screamer’, then you’ll know for sure they’re ‘heaven sent’ and you can propose as soon as you both manage to catch your breath.  

2. That Floating Feeling

Beautiful and running deep like your love, the rivers of Jamaica are symbolic of the journey you are inviting your love to join you on for the rest of your lives. Whether you are in Montego Bay and choose to propose on the way down the mighty Martha Brae or head to the eastern end of the island with your love to travel along the Rio Grande through “Lovers Lane” and to the famous Blue Lagoon, the moment will be cinematic. Just the two of you on a 30 foot bamboo raft in the heart of the tropics gently gliding down the river by a skilled guide. Request their help with some special arrangements and you can make this a story for the ages.  


3. Bob Marley 
Island Serenade 

Why not provide your own personal reggae soundtrack while you ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage on your own island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea? While not exactly “yours”, you can arrange to take a boat out to one of the stunningly beautiful sandbars just beyond Kingston and drop to one knee while you put on the perfect playlist of Bob’s songs like “Could You Be Loved”, “Is This Love?”, “One Love” and the sexy “Turn Your Lights Down Low”. But hey, you’re already on a romantic tropical island, so alternatively, have a chat with your hotel to help you find another beautiful spot where a medley of Bob’s songs can be performed in the background while you ask your love to be yours forever.  


4. Leap Into Love

On the South Coast of Jamaica is a breathtaking spot on a cliff 1700 feet above the coast, famous for one of the island’s most romantic myths. Lover’s Leap is named for the story of two slaves who chose to leap to their deaths together rather than be separated. The story may seem a little sad, but the spirit of true love is what everyone remembers in this place that boasts a view that stretches as far as the eye can see. Some say you can see the curve of the earth, some say you can see forever, which is the perfect metaphor for two people looking towards their future together.  


5. Shout It From The Mountain Top

If you’re into making them work for it, plan a hike up Jamaica’s highest mountain and start a new day as fiancés. The tradition is to set off at 2 a.m. (1 a.m. if you’re a slow walker) and hit the trail up Blue Mountain Peak. (Make sure to take the National Park entrance fee of US$20 in cash.) If you time it just right, you’ll arrive at the Peak just before sunrise and, as you snuggle together to stay warm, it will be the perfect moment to get engaged. Then simply watch the sun rise on the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

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