Dazzle Her This Mother’s Day (with a little help from Bijoux Jewelers!)

Dazzle Her This Mother’s Day (with a little help from Bijoux Jewelers!)

A mother’s love shines all year round, so now it’s time to add some sparkle to that special day that celebrates her and all she does for her family.

There are so many things a mother does out of love, oftentimes so taken for granted that it’s easy to forget to say ‘Thank you’. Just as she shows you her love in a million little ways, one way for you to say it back is through a beautiful gift, just as special as she is. So that she is reminded of your love even when you’re not there.

Bijoux Jewelers understands the power of a mother’s love and how difficult it can be to put in words just how grateful you are. Although nothing can possibly encompass it all, a token of love she will cherish forever is a really good start, and with each and every year, each keepsake will become a tangible testimony to how much you see and appreciate all she does.

For the traditional woman, a timeless heirloom piece like a string pearl necklace with matching pearl drop earrings from Mikimoto might be the perfect keepsake, while stand out pieces from John Hardy and Roberto Coin might be the better choice for the woman with a distinctive personality who stands out from the crowd. For those who love a little bling mixed with a softer feminine touch of bohemia, Djula may be the perfect way to adorn her neck, ears, wrists and fingers, while some eternal pieces, from gold cuffs to diamond tennis bracelets and simple diamond stud earrings, prove that they are indeed universal and will always remain appreciated classic pieces.

Of course, another way to show your love over the years is to gift her with a Pandora bracelet, so that each and every year a new charm can be added, each one a unique reminder of the individual memories built together as a family. Bijoux Jewelers even carries some exclusive Jamaican charms that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, just like your mother, a unique treasure indeed.

For the fashionable mothers out there who are still all about getting things done, nothing can beat a perfectly balanced timepiece. Part ornament, part tool of the trade, being on time has never looked so good. For example, for the woman who is just a little edgier than most a Tag Heuer timepiece says it all; reflecting the phenomenal woman who thrives under pressure, while the more delicate Omega with watch will let her flaunt her femininity, precision and attention to detail. There’s always a myriad of choices, from Rolex, for the lover of classics, to beautiful, sleek pieces from Movado to Breitling catering to every personality.

Perfumes also are all about personality, as it blends with each woman who wears it, making it a truly unique fragrance - a signature all her own. Unique scents from the House of Dior, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Elie Saab, the citrusy fragrance of Creed, the Splendida Iris D’Or from Bulgari and so many more become the signature scent of the woman and the mother you adore. Perfume recreates a memory for us every time we wear it, and as she folds you into her arms, recollections of all the years will come flooding back. And, in each and every embrace lie the memories to be thankful for.

So, while a strong hug along with an ‘I Love You’ will always remain priceless, a token of your love can help remind her you’re always aware of the thousand and one things she does each and every day.

Come in today and let Bijoux Jewelers help you find the perfect way to say “Thank you Mom”’.

“Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.”

  • Kahlil Gibran


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