GCG … Catering to the Caribbean & Latin America

GCG … Catering to the Caribbean & Latin America

Sometimes a taste is all it takes to transport you to a whole new place …

Across the Caribbean and Latin America, cuisine is known to enhance any visit to the countries that make up the region. GCG Group, formerly known as Goddard Catering Group, has become a part of the fabric of experiences that helps to build treasured memories for the millions of visitors who travel in and out of these areas.

At present, GCG Group has 24 locations across the Caribbean and Latin America. The company has evolved over the years and caters to various groups: commercial, private and corporate airline clients, operates several airport concessions, restaurants, and offers retail options for customers.

GCG Events, a division of GCG Group, has nine locations specializing in offering premier catering solutions for social events, weddings, corporate events, sporting events, and government functions. Both Divisions, GCG Catering and GCG Events have the capability to offer diverse menu options. Executive Chef Derrick Mullings and Executive Chef Schweizer are both verse in contemporary Caribbean and European cuisine.

In Jamaica, GCG Catering operates kitchens from both Kingston and Montego Bay from both international airports. GCG Catering may be providers of the meal you have in transit, the first on arrival and possibly the last when departing, as they not only provide meals on some of the airlines flying in and out of the small nation, but they also operate eateries in arrivals and departures lounges.

At the Norman Manley International Airport, in the Departure Lounge, you may have bite from Island Deli and/or Cockpit Bar and in Arrivals, there is Snack Shack and an Arrivals Bar. All four cover a range of tastes and penchants, serving full breakfast and lunch, sandwiches, snacks and pastries. The Cockpit and Arrival Bar offer persons the opportunity to grab cocktail before or after your flight.

GCG Events, Jamaica was launched in December 2012 and similarly to GCG Catering strives to maintain the reputation of providing culinary experiences that consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations. GCG Catering and GCG events, divisions of GCG Group, aim to be the premier catering provider in the region.

Additionally, to catering Services, GCG Group’s division, GCG Ground takes care of visitors quietly behind the scenes, by providing a full suite of ground handling services to airlines in the Caribbean and Latin America. The crew and capabilities include ramp handling, aircraft cleaning, passenger services, ground support, janitorial services, cargo handling, and baggage handling.

GCG Group has a team guided by their passions, expertise and experience.

We asked them a few questions about how we can enjoy their delicious fare and what inspires them to keep feeding the friendly skies. 


JE:  Which airlines offer the delicious cuisine from GCG Catering?

GCG:  British Airways, Delta, Caribbean Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Condor, Thomson Airways (TUI), Nordwind Airlines and a few private airlines.


JE:  Can you share some of the menu items we may be able to enjoy both on the airlines and in the eateries in the airports?

GCG:  Ackee & Saltfish, Cajun Shrimp & Bowtie Pasta, Cranberry Beef, BBQ Pig Tails, Mushroom & Callaloo Frittata, Tuna Salad, Coffee Rubbed Steak with Beer Sauce, Blackened Salmon with Potatoes and Lemon Caper Butter to name a few.

JE:  Where else can we enjoy meals from GCG Catering?

GCG:  At Airport Terminals, as well as from our shops in both the Arrivals and Departure Lounges at both Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport.


JE:  Are there any special menu items that the flight staff can look out for that are prepared exclusively for them?

GCG:  Special Menu Items are prepared based on requests. Overall, GCG specializes in customizing meals for all our clients, flights or events.


JE:  Does GCG Catering or GCG events design menu options for guests’ special dietary needs?

GCG:  Yes, we certainly do. No limits to what we can do!


For more information on any of their services, you may call 8769248364 or email: for more details.

GCG Locations in Jamaica

Norman Manley International Airport, Kingston, Jamaica 

Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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