Rastafari Rootzfest Ganjamaica Cup 2017

The three-day festival, consumer expo, trade show and competition will be hosted in Negril, one of Jamaica’s most famous tourist resort towns and global ganja capital. An estimated 1,500 are expected for this event as well as exhibitors from the US and Canada. The event will also feature educational and information booths for Jamaican businesses and interested persons. Parish associations, organizations and government ministries will also participate including the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Enhancement Fund and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy & Mining.
The Rastafari Rootzfest Ganjamaica Cup will judge top entries from growers across Jamaica by a panel of local and international experts. The Rastafari Rootzfest Ganjamaica Cup will quantify and qualify classic traditional Jamaican ganja strains destined to become commercially successful products with the further relaxation of Jamaica's cannabis laws.
The annual festival will provide a platform for the further development of Jamaica's cannabis industry and establish a path for Jamaican farmers to access opportunities under the law. The festival will include a Reggae music concert on the first two nights and climax with the Rastafari Rootzfest Ganjamaica Cup awards ceremony on the final day. Celebrating Jamaica's historical connection to ganja and the protection of Rastafari's sacramental rights under the law.

The Ganja Expo will include booths covering the commerce, culture, and cultivation of cannabis. Ganja Expo booths feature strategic organizations and cannabis related companies. The three day seminar series will include presentations from top speakers representing the government, organizations, investors and growers as well as Rastafari Rootzfest's international education partner Oaksterdam University.


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Long Bay Beach Park Long Bay Beach Park, Negril ,Jamaica Jamaica
Savanna la Mar
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Aug.29.2017 09:50AM - Aug.29.2017 09:50AM

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Rastafari Rootzfest Ganjamaica Cup 2017

December 06th ,2017
11:28 AM
Long Bay Beach Park, Negril ,Jamaica, Jamaica, Westmoreland, Savanna la Mar

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